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Faithful to the Course

Did you know that Drew Christman, managing partner of Christman Attorneys aspired to be an attorney since second grade? Check out this article to learn more about his’ passion behind practicing law & how how he has been faithful to the course. Faithful to the Course/ Argyle Living Magazine

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Partnerships and LLCs

What is the Difference from a Business Partnership, Corporation and LLC?

So you’re thinking about buying or starting a business and forming a partnership or LLC. Congratulations! You are on the verge of starting something that most people can only dream of. You want to make sure your dreams don’t turn into a financial headache and expose your personal assets. But how? You can protect your…

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How Can A Christian Attorney Practice Family Law?

How Can A Christian Attorney Practice Family Law?- I am a Christian.  I am also an attorney with a very busy family law practice in Highland Village, TX.  How does a Christian attorney, who believes that divorce is against the will and law of God, represent clients who are seeking divorce?  What a great question!…

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