Litigation can often be a lengthy and expensive process. If you have ever been a party to a lawsuit, you probably know that the wheels of justice turn slowly. Moreover, there are times when justice is hard to achieve when left to the hands of 12 jurors and a judge. That is why the Alternative Dispute Resolution process can be so important to resolving conflict. Mediation is one of the most important types of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In mediation, the parties participate voluntarily and attempt to negotiate a resolution to their dispute with the help of a third-party neutral. When effective, mediation can drastically shorten the conflict resolution process and save thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars.

The attorneys at Christman Daniell Attorneys, understand the significant expense, time, and stress that are generated in litigation. We have tried numerous cases on both sides of the aisle (plaintiff and defendant), have received large verdicts, and have experienced the prolonged agony of appeals lasting years. We also understand the power mediation has to cut through the agony of litigation. We are trained mediators. We have been involved in hundreds of mediations covering civil disputes in various contexts, including divorces, complex civil litigation, partnership disputes, personal injury cases, contract disputes, and the list goes on. An effective third-party neutral can often bring objectivity and perspective to a dispute, which allows the parties of the dispute to successfully negotiate and settle their claims. Trust the mediators at Christman Daniell Attorneys to help you or your clients find the middle ground and amicably resolve your dispute before spending thousands of dollars on litigation.

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The mediators at Christman Daniell Attorneys, mediate cases involving:

  • Business and Commercial Transactions
  • Construction Defect
  • Personal Injury
  • Family and Divorce Mediation
  • Employment Law Mediation
  • Biblical/Church Mediation
  • Pre‑suit Mediation

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