Prepare Yourself for Divorce

Preparing Yourself for Divorce Is a Good Thing: Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Anyone who has been divorced will tell you it’s a stressful time made worse by the fear of the unknown and a sickening feeling that you may never fully prepare yourself for divorce. In a previous blog post, we shared five practical ways to prepare yourself, including knowing your options, organizing critical paperwork, and working…

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Divorce Hearing and a Divorce Trial

What is the Difference Between a Divorce Hearing and a Divorce Trial?

You’re new to the divorce process and have been told you’re scheduled to appear at a divorce hearing. But then you think, “Wait, did they say divorce hearing or divorce trial? Hmmm. Maybe they’re the same thing?” It’s natural to be confused and maybe even slightly frustrated by the countless legal terms tossed about. And…

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Divorcing Spouses Fight Over the Most

Common and Unique Assets Divorcing Spouses Fight Over the Most

When you divorce in Texas, it is generally understood by most divorcing spouses that the majority of the common and unique assets they accumulated during the marriage are considered jointly owned. That means what you think is yours may just as much be your spouse’s stuff, and the Court will do what is necessary to…

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Kids After Divorce

5 Ways To Help Your Kids After Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally crippling for children. The good news is that kids are incredibly resilient and can bounce back quickly — even in the aftermath of a divorce. But they can’t and shouldn’t be asked to do it alone. They need a strong support system that only their parents can provide. Furthermore, they need…

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Life Insurance in a Divorce Settlement

It’s Important To Include Life Insurance in a Divorce Settlement

If you’re getting a divorce, you might be surprised to hear your family law attorney stress the importance of including life insurance in the divorce settlement. After all, your soon-to-be former spouse may not want to carry life insurance with you as the beneficiary during this time over fear that you might benefit from their…

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Collaborative Divorce

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Choosing Collaborative Divorce

If you’re wondering if collaborative divorce is possible, let us be the first to tell you it can be. Marriages end peacefully all the time and do not remotely come close to reaching a courtroom. But does that mean you can have just as much success? You’ll need to ask yourself these four questions to…

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Divorce Blogs

Our Top 10 Divorce Blogs

Our team of attorneys at Christman | Daniell Attorneys shared quite a bit of valuable information about divorce in 2023. And while we are far from done adding to our growing list of blog posts, it’s always good to take a look back at some of those conversation starters. From legal advice to topics related…

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Choosing Mediation

Positive Ripple Effects That Come From Choosing Mediation

For many divorcing couples, the litany of benefits that come from choosing mediation over a protracted litigation process are seemingly endless. Some easy ones that spring to mind include having a safe space to communicate openly and amicably in the moment and settling matters like child custody, spousal maintenance, and property division quickly and efficiently.…

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Heal Yourself Emotionally After Divorce

3 Ways To Heal Yourself Emotionally After Divorce

They say that emotionally and mentally, getting over a divorce could take years. It doesn’t matter if you were married for 30 years or three, and it doesn’t matter if you asked for the divorce or if you were blindsided by the divorce. It can be a devastating moment that can leave you feeling lost…

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