Ask for a Divorce

5 Tips To Ask for a Divorce Without Causing Chaos

You want a divorce. Unfortunately, your spouse doesn’t know yet, and you’re unsure how to ask for a divorce without causing enough chaos to send your family into an emotional tailspin and set yourself up as the unfeeling villain. The reality is that there’s no good way to ask for a divorce. But the team…

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Divorce Quiz

Should I Get a Divorce? This Divorce Quiz Might Help

Many clients have walked into our office over the years, knowing divorce is the logical next step. This doesn’t necessarily mean they want to end their marriage — many are emotionally broken by this tough decision. But they also know it’s the right decision. And yet, for every client committed to divorce, just as many…

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best interest of the child

8 Factors a Court Considers When Determining Best Interest of the Child

Divorcing parents will likely hear the phrase “best interest of the child” several dozen times throughout their divorce process. And for the most part, they understand what that means. After all, children are always caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce — through no fault of their own. Therefore, their unique needs, wants, and…

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Your Divorce Is Final

4 To-Do Items After Your Divorce Is Final

Your divorce is final, and now it’s time to move on with your life. That’s what you want to do, anyway — except that your lawyer, family, and other people you’re close to insist there are a few loose ends to tie up. But what exactly is there to tie up? The divorce is over.…

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Slow-Moving Divorce

4 Ways To Cope With a Slow-Moving Divorce Process

You started your divorce a year ago, and while you knew in advance that the legal system takes time and that ending your marriage the right way isn’t something that happens overnight, you can’t help but be a little frustrated with a slow-moving divorce process. “Why can’t this be done already?” You ask yourself over and…

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Hide Money In a Divorce

Is it Illegal to Hide Money In a Divorce?

You’re getting a divorce. And while you’ve realized that this is the right decision, you can’t help but think your soon-to-be former spouse is hiding money. Maybe they’re not depositing their paychecks as often as they used to, or the amounts they deposit seem smaller than usual. Perhaps you noticed bank statements arriving in the…

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Digital Co-Parenting Apps

Benefits of Digital Co-Parenting Apps

Even divorcing parents who intend to stay on the same page regarding their child’s best interests could use a helping hand as they begin their co-parenting journey. After all, maintaining a sense of normalcy, communicating last-minute schedule changes, avoiding conflict, sharing parenting duties, and making decisions as a united front barely scratches the surface of…

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Legal Information vs Legal Advice

Legal Information vs Legal Advice: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been following our blog posts over the past few years, you’ve likely noticed a standard disclaimer at the end of each entry. It reads in part, “Please consult an attorney for advice about your individual situation. The material on this website and in this or any blog article we publish are for informational purposes…

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Regain Control of Your Financial Situation After Divorce

6 Ways To Regain Control of Your Financial Situation After Divorce

One of the worst parts about getting a divorce is the realization that your once solid financial situation has been flipped upside down. Sure, the legal process was costly for everyone involved. But for you, it depleted everything you had in savings, and your expenses from this moment forward are set to increase significantly —…

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Child Support Issues

3 Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help You With Child Support Issues

If you are dealing with one or several child support issues, it’s likely all you can think about. After all, all you want is what’s best for your children after the divorce, and maintaining a strict payment schedule to cover their basic needs is a big piece of that. But maybe your former spouse isn’t…

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