The Richardson family law attorneys with the law firm of Christman Ramsey Foster, PC, field many questions from fathers wanting to know about child custody. They typically want at least 50/50 custody, but some ask about getting full custody. Our family law attorneys will be happy to answer your questions. Here’s some general information about how child custody typically works in Texas.

Child Custody in Texas

There is no definitive description of what to expect in a child custody case. Our Richardson family law attorneys want to make sure you know that no two situations are exactly alike. But in general, if you and the other parent are divorced or separated, and you live no more than 50 miles apart, there is a very good chance that you’ll be able to have an arrangement that is at least close to a 50/50 split. If you both agree to an equal split, the judge may also agree.

The court will often name one parent the “primary conservator.” The other parent will be regarded as the “managing conservator.” The child (or children) will stay with one parent on days the court specifies. While the other will have the child on other days. Family law attorneys can help negotiate on your behalf to establish your rights and duties.

But if you can’t agree, the judge will decide based on what the court believes is the child’s best interests. This is where you could benefit from having family law attorneys in Richardson, TX, on your side.

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