Richardson child custody lawyers should be experts in helping both parents find an agreeable arrangement. But this can be extremely difficult in some instances. The complexities get even more pronounced when one of the parents is from outside the country and wants to take the child to see their family back home. But the child custody lawyers in Richardson, TX, with Christman Attorneys, PLLC have a lot of experience in this area of the law. We’ll know how to deal with any sort of complexity that might come up.

Taking a Child Out of the Country

While this can be challenging, our child custody lawyers know how to deal with it. You might be panicking because your ex-spouse wants to take your child to visit their family members in, say, Japan. You’re afraid your ex may never return. Our child custody lawyers will be here to help you keep from doing something you’ll eventually regret.

It’s extremely common for a parent who isn’t from the U.S. to take their child out of the country to see family. It happens every year, and it happens a lot. Most of the time, the parent returns precisely when they say they will. If you try to get child custody lawyers in Richardson, TX, involved to stop the trip and use unfounded allegations to back up that effort, you could make a huge mistake. This will only make it much more difficult for you and your ex to co-parent, which could be very harmful to your child.

If the other parent wants to move to their home country, that’s entirely different. They’ll have to make a compelling argument to be allowed to do so. If they can’t, then the court will almost certainly deny their relocation request.

The Richardson child custody lawyers with Christman Attorneys, PLLC will be here to give you the calm advice you need and be ready to fight for your rights when necessary. Contact us online to get in touch, or call 972.445.9907.