Many of the clients our Plano family law attorneys serve are incredibly worried about having to fight in a court of law. At Christman Attorneys, PLLC we want you to know that there is another alternative – mediation. We have a team of family law attorneys who have a deep knowledge of this process, and we might be able to help you resolve your dispute in an amicable manner.

Mediation – The Basics

If you know that both you and your spouse want to divorce, the Plano family law attorneys with Christman Attorneys, PLLC may be able to help you find a peaceful resolution. If both of you don’t want to go to court, you might not be sure how to work out the details and ensure your wishes are thoroughly communicated. Mediation can help make sure that happens.

A mediator is an impartial third person. Many mediators are also family law attorneys in Plano, TX. They work independently and don’t represent one spouse over the other. Mediators also don’t have the power to force any sort of settlement.

There are several advantages to choosing mediation from family law attorneys in Plano, TX, during a divorce dispute. These include the following:

  • You can save significant money since mediation costs much less than litigating a divorce. You can avoid paying a substantial amount in court and legal fees.
  • Mediation will also save a great deal of time, helping you finalize the divorce much faster than if you pursued litigation.
  • You also have more control over the outcome when you choose mediation. In traditional litigation, the judge makes the decisions.
  • Improved communication is another benefit. This can be even more important if you have children. Effective communication is key to arranging the best possible child custody arrangement for both parties.
  • Finally, mediation is confidential. Anything discussed will be kept private.

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