Enter the divorce mediation process with complete confidence by connecting with one of the McKinney divorce mediation attorneys at Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C.

Our locally-established, boutique law firm specializes in family law matters, including the mediation process, where divorcing couples work collaboratively together in order to sort out important matters associated with their divorce. This is done with the help of an impartial mediator and the process significantly cuts down on the time and expenses associated with a divorce.

Here at Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C., we have divorce mediation attorneys in McKinney TX that will be in your corner during this process. Their job is to make sure to protect your best interests and ensure the final divorce agreement is a fair one. Both sides should have an attorney in their corner as the mediator is not obligated to help either party find a fair outcome. The mediator is simply there to ensure that the process moves along and that both sides are in agreement.

The stakes are high — work with qualified McKinney divorce mediation attorneys

A lot of very important matters can be decided during the mediation process, which underscores how important qualified divorce mediation attorneys in McKinney TX truly are. This includes:

  • Property division: Property is not always divided up in a clean, 50-50 fashion. You might want to hold on to some assets while being willing to give others away. Our team can help you sort through that.
  • Child support and custody: Likely the most important aspect of your divorce is deciding what sort of time and interaction you will have with your children. We know this is near and dear to your heart and our attorneys will make sure you get ample access to them.
  • Spousal support: Is one spouse exiting a marriage with little to no earning potential? They may be entitled to compensation while they adjust to life as a single individual.

A lot can be on the line during the mediation process. Our McKinney divorce mediation attorneys are personally invested in creating an outcome that aligns with your goals. Let’s chat about your needs through a free consultation. Our team is standing by to schedule your 30-minute session.