There are some instances where spouses turn to McKinney divorce lawyers because they’re so sick of each other they can’t stand being in the same house, much less the same room. Sometimes, however, people don’t even wait to get legal help before they decide to kick their spouse out of their home. The divorce lawyers with Christman | Daniell Attorneys urge you not to make this rash decision. Here’s more information on why this won’t be a good idea.

Locking Out Your Spouse? Don’t Try I

To kick your spouse out of your home legally, you will need the help of skilled McKinney divorce lawyers. You simply can’t do this unless you have a protective order – and you can only get that if you have evidence to show you have a genuine reason to fear for your safety. The best way to gather that evidence is to speak with divorce lawyers in McKinney, TX.

It’s understandable that you might want your spouse out of your home. They might want to argue all of the time, or their mere presence simply makes you uncomfortable. They might yell at you a lot and call you names. Unfortunately, none of that will be enough to allow you to change the locks legally. Our divorce lawyers in McKinney, TX, can tell you much more.

Again, please don’t do anything rash. If you are genuinely concerned about being subjected to physical violence, call the police and get to a safe place. Your attorney can then put a plan of action to help you obtain the protective order you need. Short of a threat of imminent violence, however, you can’t just kick your spouse out. You would be performing an unconstitutional act – depriving them of their property without due process of law.

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