Welcome to Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C., where our Irving probate attorneys know that the last thing you want to deal with is time-consuming legal and court proceedings upon the death of a family member or a loved one. That’s where we become a trusted resource for many of our clients.

Our boutique law firm focuss in various areas of law, including our valuable role as probate attorneys in Irving TX. Probate refers to the type of court proceedings required to administer an estate. Not all assets have to pass through probate, and we can talk to you more about the finer points of estate planning. But the probate process can be a confusing and daunting one, which is also often riddled with conflict.

At Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C., we want to lighten the load for you and your family and, most importantly, administer an estate by the final wishes of your family member or loved one. This is their legacy we’re talking about — we want to ensure they are honored during this process.

Get guidance from our Irving probate attorneys

The Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C. team takes pride in serving our clients during this emotional time of need. While the probate process might seem simple — accounting for assets, settling outstanding debts, and then distributing the property — many issues can arise. And that’s why we’re here. Our team is dedicated to promoting the following:

  • We know matters of the probate process can be confusing. This is why our probate attorneys in Irving, TX take time to communicate with you. We explain the process in terms you can understand.
  • A stress-free process. You have enough to deal with — we want to make the probate process stress-free and easy for your family.
  • The satisfaction of our clients. Our top priority is to ensure that the final wishes of the descendant are served. That should be the goal of everyone involved.

Our Irving probate attorneys are standing by to provide you with a free 30-minute information session that might shed some light on your current situation. Connect with our team right now to get started.