Grand Prairie estate planning attorneys can make sure your will is completely in order so that there will be no issues once you pass away. At Christman | Daniell Attorneys we have a team of estate planning attorneys in Grand Prairie TX who will help you prepare a will that not only clearly spells out your wishes, but also stands up against as many potential challenges as possible. Here’s a look at a couple of the more important components of a Last Will and Testament.


There are some complexities involving a will that will require the help of an estate planning attorney. One of them is the issue of the bequest, which is the act of giving your loved ones your personal property by drafting a will. Our estate planning attorneys in Grand Prairie TX with Christman | Daniell Attorneys will help you make sure your bequests are clearly spelled out.

You might not know there are actually several kinds of bequests. For example, a conditional bequest will not take effect until a certain event either occurs or doesn’t occur. A person could, for instance, make a conditional bequest based on whether or not a beneficiary is married by a specific date.

There is also a specific bequest. You can specify that a particular item goes to a particular family member. A residuary bequest states who receives what’s left of your estate after all other bequests are carried out, and all debts are paid off. Talk to one of our estate planning attorneys to learn more.


This is the part of the will that addresses who receives what once you pass away. It can create a lot of conflict if it’s not carefully crafted. This is why you want to make sure you get the help of a skilled legal representative when putting your will together.

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