When you work with our team of Grand Prairie divorce lawyers with Christman Ramsey Foster, PC, you can rest assured that we’ll keep you updated at all times through every facet of your case. We’ll also ensure you know what to expect as your case moves through its different phases. Many people, for example, ask our divorce lawyers in Grand Prairie, TX, what will happen at their divorce hearing. Here’s some information that will give you a general idea.

The Divorce Hearing

As most attorneys will tell you, this is incredibly important and will play a huge role in determining how your case turns out. There are a lot of reasons you need to choose wisely when it comes to hiring a divorce lawyer. The divorce hearing is right at the top of the list.

This hearing is somewhat like a condensed version of a full-blown divorce trial. Both spouses and their divorce lawyers in Grand Prairie, TX, go in front of a judge. This is typically done in person, but it could also be done through a teleconference. The judge will spell clear instructions regarding how both spouses are expected to behave until the divorce becomes official.

In most cases, the judge will make certain short-term decisions. These may include temporary child custody, spousal and child support, which spouse is allowed to remain in the home, and more. The judge may also decide who is responsible for paying the mortgage, car insurance, and other bills.

Skilled attorneys can provide the evidence needed to ensure their client’s best interests are protected during the initial hearing and the rest of the divorce.

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