Many people turn to the Grand Prairie child custody lawyers with Christman Ramsey & Foster, PC. Many of them are not only under a great deal of stress, but they’re also confused. A few terms can, in some cases, be somewhat misleading. Terms may mean one thing in another state and have a different meaning in Texas. Our child custody lawyers in Grand Prairie, TX, would like to share some examples.

Joint Custody and Joint Managing Conservators

Clients often talk to our child custody lawyers about “joint custody,” “equal custody,” or “shared custody.” However, none of these phrases are actually found in the Texas Family Code. Child custody lawyers in Texas must be careful about their words in this case. When parents hear those terms, they will often – and understandably – assume they will share 50/50 custody with their ex-spouse.

That doesn’t mean that will be the case at all. Your child custody lawyer needs to make sure you know this. Texas uses the term “joint managing conservators.” But it’s a label the law places on mothers and fathers going through a divorce – nothing else. You shouldn’t attach too much of a meaning to this label.

Don’t confuse this phrase with assuming that you and your ex will share custody equally. Also, don’t assume that it has anything to do with other aspects of your case, such as child support. This term shows that Texas law will call you and your ex once the divorce is final.

We’ll Clear Everything Up

When you turn to the Grand Prairie child custody lawyers at Christman Attorneys, PLLC you can rest assured we will carefully explain every aspect of your case. We’ll ensure you are entirely aware of what’s happening at all times so that you don’t have to experience any surprises. Learn more by calling 972.445.9907 or contacting us online.