If you are contemplating divorce and have children, please talk to experienced Frisco family law attorneys first. That’s precisely what you’ll find at Christman | Daniell Attorneys. We have a team of family law attorneys who will tell you about child support – which spouse will likely pay it, how much the payments will be, and more. Here’s some information to give you a general idea of how the State of Texas calculates child support.

Child Support 101

You should always work with our Frisco family law attorneys for specific information about you. We will provide you with detailed information regarding what you can expect. In many cases, however, physical custody of the child will typically play a significant role in determining which parent will have to pay child support.

Again, your family law attorneys can tell you more about how your payments will be calculated. Generally, that calculation will be determined mainly by the paying parent’s income. First, the court will likely look at the net monthly income and then multiply it by a percentage. The more children who require support, the higher the percentage will be.

For example, suppose the paying parent has a net monthly income of $9,200 or less. If there is only one child, that parent usually pays 20 percent of their monthly net income. That number will increase with the increasing number of children. For example, the paying parent will likely pay 40 percent if there are five.

There are other factors that will be taken into consideration. These include children who may be from a previous relationship or children with special needs, such as suffering from certain mental or physical challenges. Talk to our family law attorneys in Frisco, TX, for more information.

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