If a loved one has passed away and it comes time to execute their estate, make sure you have seasoned Fort Worth probate attorneys in your corner for the process. This is a very crucial process in which emotions often run high — but the steady hands and seasoned staff of Christman | Daniell Attorneys will assist you.

We’re a boutique law firm that focuss in a variety of legal practice areas, including probate law. We have probate attorneys in Fort Worth TX that can pick through even the complex issues tied with an estate — and there can be many!

There is a reason why many people try to avoid the probate process. They know that it can be confusing and stir up conflict among surviving family members and other parties. With a reputable, established name like Christman | Daniell Attorneys in your corner, you don’t have to worry about that.

We are detail oriented and results driven

As trusted Fort Worth probate attorneys, we do not take our obligation lightly. We know that a person’s entire life’s work and legacy are on the line in the probate process, which is why we work diligently to honor it.

Our objectives are fairly simple — even when the journey to get there isn’t always.

  • Honor the final wishes of your loved one. Most people have a plan for what they want to do with their assets when they pass away. Not everyone records these wishes via a will. One of the things that our probate attorneys in Fort Worth TX focus on most is honoring the final wishes of the deceased individual, using every bit of information we can to distribute assets to their intended beneficiaries.
  • Tying up all loose ends. We want to leave no lingering issues, which is why we walk through the process step-by-step to account for all assets, pay off outstanding debts and distributing assets.
  • Making the process simple and easy on surviving loved ones. After the death of a family member, you’re probably already going through enough stress. We want to simplify the probate process so that you and your loved ones don’t have to contend with more stress.

Learn about the process from one of our Fort Worth probate attorneys by connecting with Christman | Daniell Attorneys for a free 30-minute consultation.