While many might consider it an unfortunate reality of the business world, this realm of life is dictated by contracts, agreements and many other legalities, which is why having the right Denton civil litigation lawyers in your corner is so crucial.

Welcome to Christman Ramsey & Foster PC, skilled business and civil litigation attorneys. We have a seasoned team of attorneys — and a support staff to complement them — that allows us to provide high caliber representation for the businesses and individuals that we work with. Our team of civil litigation lawyers in Denton TX invites you to bring these non-criminal matters to us — whether you’re looking to file a lawsuit or are on the receiving end of one.

Helping our clients to address a wide range of business disputes

It’s no mystery that the business world is filled with lawsuits and legal disputes. It’s also really no coincidence that the companies and professionals with the most effective legal counsel generally thrive in these scenarios. That’s where our Denton civil litigation lawyers prove themselves as an asset for virtually any small business.

At Christman Ramsey & Foster PC, our team is able to help you address a variety of business disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes: Nothing is final in the business world until both parties sign the dotted line. However, in many cases, people and parties can disagree on the terms and conditions of a contract. These are situations in which our civil litigation lawyers in Denton TX can step in.
  • Non-compete lawsuits: Non-compete clauses are relatively common and they restrict a person from entering into the same industry or starting another business that directly competes with the one they hold an agreement with. Not everyone honors these agreements, which is when a dispute arises.
  • Intellectual property disputes: A lot of legal gray areas can develop when ideas turn into tangible, money-making products. Determining who owns intellectual property is crucial, and our firm specializes in these types of cases.

The list goes on from there — confidentiality lawsuits, commercial litigation and more. Our Denton civil litigation lawyers have been there and will leverage that experience for your benefit. Connect with our team right now and let’s talk about your legal needs.