Address all the legalities associated with dealing with real estate by connecting with Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C. and working with one of our highly experienced Dallas real estate attorneys.

Property disputes and real estate litigation are fairly common both for residential and commercial clients. From an argument that breaks out between two neighbors on where a property line falls to navigating a real estate sale, it’s important that you have a team by your side that ensures you’re making the right legal moves.

That team is Christman Ramsey & Foster P.C. Our real estate attorneys in Dallas TX combine for decades of experience in this area of law — and it shows.

We provide a full suite of legal services. In fact, we are a relied-upon resource for parties that are:

  • Buying or selling either commercial or residential real estate. There are many different things to consider during this process. From creating the necessary contracts and negotiating those contracts to advising clients on property matters, our team will make sure that your real estate transaction is a successful and legally sound one.
  • Litigating various real estate disputes. These can range in nature — from foreclosures and condemnations to boundary disputes and contested appraisals. You can rest assured knowing that your Dallas real estate attorneys have significant litigation experience and will help you maneuver through these disputes with our eyes on your goals.
  • Buying, selling or managing commercial properties. You can consider our real estate attorneys in Dallas TX a one-stop shop of sorts for your needs. We provide a full suite of services for clients that are regularly dealing with commercial properties. These are a bit more complex to buy, sell and manage than residential property, and we have the knowledge necessary to help you do so effectively.

Christman, Ramsey & Foster P.C. was voted “Best Business Law Firm” in 2018 and 2019 and “Top 3 Business Law Firms” in 2020 in Denton County. Drew Christman was voted “Best Business Attorney” in 2019 and 2020 in Denton County. These, and other plaudits, are a testament to our effectiveness as Dallas real estate attorneys. See for yourself by connecting with our team for your free 30-minute consultation.