Dallas child custody lawyers know how stressful and emotionally charged this subject can be. In most cases, people who turn to child custody lawyers are engaged in a substantial dispute. At Christman Attorneys, PLLC we have a great deal of experience handling the emotional aspects of this type of case. We can help you navigate the complexities.

We’re Here for You

When you turn to the seasoned Dallas child custody lawyers with Christman Attorneys, PLLC we will provide the calm, objective advice you need. Our child custody lawyers will help you avoid making rash decisions that could severely hurt your chances of getting what you want – spending as much time with your children as possible. You can rest assured that we’ll always be here to protect your rights, and we’ll always work in your best interests and that of your children.

Sometimes, a child custody dispute can only be decided in a courtroom. If this should happen in your case, our child custody lawyers, will be ready to help. We will do everything possible to work towards an arrangement that’s in your child’s best interest.

We’re very familiar with working in a courtroom setting, and we deeply understand the Texas court system. We know the strategies that many opposing lawyers will follow and how to prepare to combat those tactics. Our attorneys are also familiar with the types of evidence that a court finds valuable and compelling.

Let our Dallas child custody lawyers put our extensive experience and knowledge to work for you. Call Christman Attorneys, PLLC at 972.445.9907 or contact us online.