You should consider only working with Arlington child custody lawyers with extensive experience in this area of law. That way, you can rest assured your child custody lawyers in Arlington, TX, will be able to foresee potential complications before they can hurt your case. One example is social media. The attorneys with Christman | Daniell Attorneys have information on how posting on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites can cause significant complications.

Custody Battles and Social Media

Arlington child custody lawyers will sometimes be involved in even more emotionally-charged cases than expected. The parents are in a fierce battle over who gets primary custodial privileges and will often pull out all the stops to get the upper hand. They will sometimes direct their child custody lawyers to dive into the other parent’s social media accounts to find something that can hurt them.

In many instances, parents will be much better off either staying off social media entirely or at least censoring them significantly. What they should not do, however, is to delete those accounts. The reason is that the other parent’s child custody lawyers could argue that it is spoilation, which is very similar to the destruction of evidence. To say the court would not look favorably on that type of action would be a significant understatement.

Social media is supposed to be fun, a way to keep in touch with people you care about. If you’re going to use it, however, be very careful. Don’t post anything that could eventually be held against you – and possibly ruin your chances of reaching a custody agreement that meets your wants and needs.

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