If you want to ensure your pets are taken care of when you’re gone, you should seriously consider speaking with the Allen estate planning attorneys with Christman Ramsey & Foster, PC. You love your pets just like all other family members, and you want to make sure they remain happy and healthy for years to come. Our estate planning attorneys in Allen, TX, can help do exactly that.

Is a Pet Trust Right for You?

Allen estate planning attorneys help in this area more often than you may think. The state of Texas allows animal trusts, but it will be very important that you have the help of estate planning attorneys to make sure yours is properly set up. The principle is the same as a revocable living trust. You name someone dependable as the trustee, and it will be their responsibility to ensure your wishes are carried out to your exact specifications.

Your estate planning attorneys can help you decide a lot of essential things. The most important, of course, is who you trust to ensure your pets get the care they need. You might assume that the trustee will also be the new owner, but that’s not necessarily the case. Actually, it’s oftentimes better that the trustee doesn’t take over ownership, so the trustee can make sure your pets are being looked after properly.

Of course, you’ll want to speak with the people you want to serve as trustees and owners to make sure they agree to abide by your wishes and that they can provide your beloved pets with the loving, caring home they deserve.

Ready to Learn More?

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