There are some instances where our Allen child custody lawyers encounter a situation where the custodial parent (the one awarded primary custody) closes off the lines of communication. They don’t answer phone calls, e-mails, or texts. What are the options for the other parent when this happens? The child custody lawyers in Allen, TX, with Christman | Daniell Attorneys would like to share some information on what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Dealing with a Non-Communicative Parent

child custody lawyers may be able to help if you’re finding it much harder than usual to get in touch with your ex-spouse and your child. There’s simply no excuse for this behavior, especially since technology has made staying in touch more accessible. But what can a parent do if a child is too young to have access to a smartphone and can’t use Zoom or FaceTime?

You should first talk to Christman | Daniell Attorneys child custody lawyers in Allen, TX. We’ll get to the bottom of what’s happening and work to help you make modifications to your arrangement if necessary. Hopefully, you already have clear provisions in that arrangement that spell out when you can communicate with your child in person or virtually. If the other parent has violated the agreement, then you could be able to take action in a court of law to force them to comply.

Child custody lawyers are used to dealing with emotionally charged situations like this. Our attorneys will be ready to provide the rational, calm advice you need to make the best possible decision. For example, you should keep detailed records of how often you try to call, text, email or schedule a virtual visit. If the other parent shows a pattern of obstruction, you’ll have some legal options.

Learn more by talking to one of our Allen child custody lawyers as soon as possible. You can contact Christman | Daniell Attorneys online or you can call 972.445.9907.