If you turn to Christman | Daniell Attorneys’s team of skilled, experienced McKinney estate planning attorneys, you can rest easy knowing that your plan will be able to stand up to just about any kind of challenge imaginable. Our team of estate planning attorneys in McKinney TX include all of the elements needed to make your plan as strong as possible, and help ensure your last wishes are carried out exactly as you intend.

Ways to Make Your Plan Stronger

No McKinney estate planning attorneys have a crystal ball. They can’t foresee every conceivable challenge to your plan, nor can they foresee any changes in the law. But good estate planning attorneys in McKinney TX will use their experience to protect your plan against any potential legal challenges, as well as disgruntled family members. These are just a few of the elements you might want to include in your plan.

  • A living trust – A revocable living trust is stronger than a will, since it can’t be altered by inheritance laws. Once you name the beneficiaries, they will receive your assets once you pass away – without the need for going through probate. Let one of our estate planning attorneys tell you more about the advantages of this option.
  • Explanations – If you include explanations for the decisions you made regarding your last wishes, that will go a long way toward preventing any kinds of protests, or any kind of confusion. You may choose, for instance, to disinherit a certain member of your family. By clearly spelling out why you are making that decision, that could help protect your plan against any challenges.
  • Competency proof – One of the ways someone could challenge your estate plan will be to claim that you weren’t competent when you established the plan. If you have a letter from a mental health professional or your family doctor attesting to your competency, that will provide even further protection.

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