Most people think of Arlington family law attorneys, who usually associate them with divorce. When they think of divorce, acrimony is the first thing that typically comes to mind. Both spouses hate each other, and they have a court battle. But the family law attorneys with Christman | Daniell Attorneys want you to know it doesn’t have to be like that. There is such a thing as collaborative divorce, which we’ll cover in this article.

Collaborative Divorce – The Basics

People who hire Arlington family law attorneys for a collaborative divorce do so because they want to peacefully negotiate, not fight with each other. Each spouse has their own attorney, but it’s a calm negotiation, not a huge argument. It’s still important, however, that the family law attorneys in Arlington, TX, they choose are skilled in this area of law. Even though they don’t want to fight, they still want to ensure their rights are always protected.

A collaborative divorce is designed to ensure that both parties get what they want. Division of property, child custody, and other issues are discussed individually. All of the issues could very well be resolved in a single meeting. However, there are plenty of instances where people need their family law attorneys in Arlington, TX, to be with them over the period of several meetings.

If you’re considering this approach, there are a lot of benefits. For one, you’ll probably be able to complete the divorce process faster. Also, you won’t have to go into a court of law. You’ll also have more privacy. The most significant benefits, however, are that you’ll go through less stress and frustration, and it won’t cost you as much.

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